2nd April 2017 British National Cup Round 1 Addingham Moorside

The ‘new look’ British National Cup campaign hosted by the ‘new look’ Bike Trial Federation got under way at the famous Silsden venue of Addingham Moorside or the “Nab” as it’s known to locals!
A fine day greeted the 29 riders as did the hospitality trailer kindly lent to the BTF by Ripon Farm Services.

The competition consisted of 3 laps of 6 sections. 5 courses were laid out for the 10 categories catered for and these were set out by Tim McParland, Robin Morewood and Barry Gawthorpe.

This event saw the Federation use the new plastic posts and laminated route arrows along with Boundary tape. This lay out has already been adopted by the Tyke Trial club to whom we give thanks to them and ONNIT bikes for the loan of this equipment.

Many compliments were received during and after the competition as to the quality, look and feel of the event.

Plenty of photos are available from this event from Neil Sturgeon and Leah Robinson, Neil was invited by the Federation so that riders could have the opportunity to purchase prints and other photo products from Neil, see the link below.
Thank you to all the observers and volunteers who assisted in packing away! also everyone else who made the event possible and such a success.
Thank you to Trialtech for their continued support.
Results below.

British National Cup Round 1 Results