British National Cup round 5 Results and Final Championship Table


 The old toboggan run that ran from the top of Shipley Glen


The final round of the British National Trials Cup (rnd5) took place at Shipley Glen on the 8th October and was supported by its biggest entry of the year with a total of 39 riders starting the event!
6 sections were set out on Saturday in mixed conditions but the forecast for Sunday was to be dry and it proved so, fortunately!
Sections 1, 2 and 3 were set at the top of the Glen on the rocks with 4, 5 and 6 in the wood.
In true national style it proved to be a good test to most riders with the exception of 2 riders in complete opposite classes!, Jack Carthy in Elite (guest rider) and Primary Champion Finn Johnstone both going ‘Clean’ all day some achievement.
Runner up to Finn was Oliver Cooper on 3 marks with Harry Adamson a further 4 behind that.
In Primary Senior was Alicia Robinson dropping 6 marks for the day,
In the Novice category it was the usual 3 battling it out again with Bailey Dacker taking the win and the championship with 1 penalty, Samuel Meeten second on 11 and Max Ward 3rd with 18 and rounding off the championship in this order.
Novice Senior was won by 14 marks on the day by Jamie Smith but that was not enough to affect Carl Weightman taking the championship overall, second on the day on 25.
The closest battle all year was in the Intermediate class with positions changing hands round by round. Newly crowned WBC champion Oliver Weightman took his first National Cup win of the year and finished second in the championship with Adam Biggins 2nd on the day which was enough to give him the overall championship but only by a single mark. Josh McParland was leading the championship going in to the last round and looked to be on course to secure it until a crash on section 2 followed by another 5 on section 1 put an end to his challenge and gave him 3rd on the day and 3rd overall.
The Intermediate Senior Class saw another year long battle between Stuart Robertson and Daniel White but it was Gordon Dunsmore who would take the win on the day with a total of 32 compared to Daniel’s 45 and Stuart’s 48 but 3rd was enough for Stuart to be crowned Champion, Daniel 2nd and Gordon 3rd.
Paul Grange was the only competitor in Cadet this year and so took the overall without challenge.
A tough day in the Expert Class saw the win go to Sam Shepherd on 60 with Ross McArthur in second on 67 and Aldis Blacker in third on 86.
The Championship was won by Reece Seymour, Sam 2nd and Aldis 3rd.
Having secured the Expert Class Championship at the penultimate round Reece Seymour chose to ride in the Expert Senior Class for the last round and wasn’t too far away on the tough sections that lay await, Andrew Chai took the win on the day with Antonio Souza 2nd with these two finishing the championship in that order and Andy Ford 3rd having competed in the first round only.
Finally our Elite Class. We were delighted to have Jack Carthy riding the final National of the year, (non competitive) Jack made the sections look easy which they were not and duly cleaned the entire course and was the first to finish the trial!!!.
Back to the competitive end and it was Andrei Burton who won 24 marks ahead of Charlie Rolls in second close behind was Owen Gawthorpe on 62 with Adam Morewood rounding out the class for the day on 64.

For the second year running Andrei Burton was crowned British National Elite Champion with Owen Gawthorpe 2nd and Charlie Rolls 3rd in his first year in the Elite class along with another Elite newcomer Adam Morewood 4th.

Well done to everyone who has competed in this years Nationals, 63 in total! We thank you for your support and hope to see you all at every event next year.


Thank you to Jack an Mick Carthy for helping tape out the sections and Barry Gawthorpe for checking and verifying them.
Thank you to everyone who helped on the day!
Last but by no means least a big thank you to our special friend and guest photographer Jesper Lykke who came to visit friends and to see what we get up to at our British Events. Jesper has first hand experience of trials from all over the world so it will be interesting to here his thoughts on our efforts!.
Jesper has very kindly sent us his photos of the day which are availableon our gallery page. If anyone would like to thank Jesper they can do so via his Facebook page Jesper Lykke (Top Bloke)










2017 British National Trials Cup R5 Results


2017 British National Trials Cup Final Championship Standings

World BikeTrial Championship 2017 Pujalt, Catalunya Report




The 2017 World BikeTrial Championship was held in the remote Catalonian town of Pujalt 1 hour inland from Barcelona. The organisers had done a fantastic job in a short time after the cancellation of the original event at Bueu.
There was fantastic camping facilities that gave the event the traditional BIU family atmosphere for the week duration of the event.
Day 1 was for the Poussin (7-9 year old), Benjamin (10-12 year old) and Minime (13-15 year old) categories.
The sections were on a wooded hillside comprising very loose banks and rocks with a man made rock section to complete each lap.
The UK team were out in force and had a really successful day.
Poussin – Eddie Weightman 6th
Benjamin – Oliver Weightman 1st, Bailey Dacker 12th, Harry Turner 14th
Minime – Adam Morewood 1st, Reece Seymour 5th, Sam Shepherd 9th

Day 2 was for the older riders with Junior (16-18 year old), Senior 20″ & 26″ (19+ year old) and Elite 20″ & 26″.
The trial started with 3 man made sections in the town centre followed by 6 sections in the wood and finally another man made rock section.
It was another successful day for the UK riders.
Senior 20″ – Owen Gawthorpe 2nd, Aaron Duke 8th
Senior 26″ – Scott Wilson 5th
Elite 26″ – Ben Savage 1st
It’s the first time for many years the UK have had 3 wins and a second place at a World round so understandably the team spirit was high.
Wednesday was a rest day giving everyone time to regroup and check out the rocky sections located in a nearby Quarry ahead of round 2 for all classes. This was going to be tough for all riders as it was 30+ degrees and there was no shade available.
Day 3 of competition was  again for the youngsters with the pressure on for both riders and parents alike with the possibility of two UK World Champions.
Eddie Weightman rode a lot better in the youngest category finishing again in 6th place to claim 6th overall.
His brother Oliver held his nerve in the Benjamin class finishing in 2nd place to tie for the overall championship and take the win on the tie decider. What a great performance for someone attending his first World Championship. Bailey Dacker improved to 11th place with Harry Turner also improving in 13th place with them taking 11th and 14th in the championship overall.
In the Minime class Adam Morewood took a comfortable win in the trial to take his third World BikeTrial Championship. Reece Seymour took another 5th place in the trial and the championship with Sam Shepherd improving to 7th on the day and 8th in the championship.
Day 4 was another hot one. In the senior 20″ class Owen Gawthorpe took 3rd place giving him the overall silver medal with Aaron Duke improving to 7th on the day and in the championship.
Scott Wilson also improved in the senior 26″ class taking 4th in the trial and in the championship.
Ben Savage again took the win in Elite 26″ to win the title for the 2nd year running.

So a great trial, great organisation and to top it off three UK World Champions and with the back up of all the other UK riders the team took 3rd overall in the nations cup.

3rd September 2017 British National Cup Round 4 Bracken Rocks

This Sunday saw Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire host the penultimate round of the British National Cup with sections set by the Tyke Trial Club and helpers on Saturday in lovely sunny conditions, albeit a bit cooler under the tree canopy.
6 sections were set out for 3 laps of this very rocky, wooded hill side venue, one that tests not only the riders stamina and fitness but that of the parents and spectators who follow the riders around!
Competition day saw the weather change from Saturdays sunshine to that of overcast cloud which for the riders who have experienced Bracken Rocks in the wet was a little concerning to say the least!. It was nice to see George Eyre briefly before the start when he bobbed in to say Hello.

Section 1 was a very compact section with great use of the jumble of rocks that lay just at the entrance to the wood and caused a fair lot of trouble for the majority of riders except for the primary classes where their route was a little more gentle than the others.
Section 2 just a short way up into the wood for what was another tough test of balance and agility to pick the way through the tricky rocks and tree roots that lay in the riders path! this section proved to be the most difficult for all routes bar the Expert Route and was a great example of how the use of the boundary tape makes the sections so much easier to observe and find your way through and as commented on, great to spectate too.
Section 3 was a good stride out into the middle of the wood and gave a welcome stop off for those not wanting to ascend to the the top of the wood straight away. This section traversed the hillside so it was a little easier on the arms compared to its neighbours 4,5 and 6 but was still a tricky test for all routes as it meandered around the rocks and roots taking its fair share of maximums on Elite and Expert on the first lap and causing more problems to the Novice senior route to that of the “Younger” Novice counterparts.
Section 4 was found further up the fallen tree and ant infested hillside and was predominately downhill but had some gnarley gaps to negotiate as well as the very soft twig laden carpet that the riders had to contend with whilst picking their way to the welcome site of the ends cards which were just beyond the tricky stand alone rock that most routes had to contend with.
Section 5 was at the upper most part of the wood, where at times during the afternoon became very dark when the clouds were threatening to let go completely instead of just damping. This one started off with a technical little climb before picking its way through a series of appropriately sized rocks according to route severity, apart from the primary route which had a definite downhill test to it, whilst to end their section the Intermediates had a potentially hazardous roll off a steep 6 foot rock which was ridden well by all. The Elites had the opposite, a 7 foot incline up a rock which saw many run out of time here!
Section 6, last but not least, set well out to the left hand side this section provided the riders to capture a bit of daylight at times when the light was at a minimum under the trees, but other than that it provided another tricky test for all with only 2 riders out of of the 35 who started managing cleans on all three laps!.
It was a great entertaining day and enjoyed by all. The sections were tough but catered for all as the results show and it was by far the toughest physically judging by the comments and grimacing that was going on whilst the riders were fending off arm pump.
Thank you to everyone who took part and to all who observed and assisted in section setting as well as section clearing up. Thank you.

See you all on the 8th October at Shipley Glen.


British National Cup Round 4 Results