UK National Trials Championships (UCI)

The 2019 UK National Championships will be held at the Derbyshire Biketrial Centre on the 23rd June. The event will be run to the new UCI rules as used in the World Championships for the last 2 years and as will be used in the 2019 World Cups and World Youth Games.
There will be the following classes –
Poussin 6-10 years old White
Femina, any age, White
Benjamin, 11-12 years old, Blue
Minime, 13-15 years old, Green
Cadet, 15-16 years old, Black
Junior, 17-18 years old, Red
Elite, 19 years +, Yellow.
White, Blue, Green will be run in the morning 10.00 – 13.00 with Black, Red, Yellow 13.30-16.30 followed by the awards presentation.
It is hoped that riders / parents with experience of the new rules will be present in the morning to help observe and train parents / observers for the afternoon.
For those that don’t know the new rules award the riders 10 points for every set of gates they get through without putting their foot down with 60 points available for each section, most points wins.
Riders can ride out of class on a non award basis but they are encouraged to ride in class. The sections will be set out to progressively get harder through the section with gate 1 of each section possible for all riders in the class and the gates getting progressively harder through the section thus making points possible for all competitors.

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Jun 23 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



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Derbyshire Biketrial Centre


Derbyshire Biketrial Centre