Tyke Trial

TykeTrial is your local BikeTrial club. Our members start as young as 5 and some are still going in their 40’s. We hold competitions throughout Yorkshire and into Derbyshire. As with most things worthwhile, our Club is run by a team of volunteers.

Scottish BikeTrial Club

SBTC was set up in late 2010 after running two fun trial events in late 2010. In 2011 we set up a seven championship trials in Kinlochleven, Ayrshire, East Lothian and Fort William areas. 2012 included some training days and a new Scottish championship with new venues added. Bike trials are easily the most skilful bike sport with the riders needing balance and bike control to get themselves and their bikes through the observed sections without losing marks. Bike trials cater for all ages and abilities, so dads can ride with their sons and mums with their daughters. You can even share the bikes if you like!

Bike Trial Academy

We are a non-profit organisation wanting to promote bike trials, encourage new riders, help established riders, provide training and hold events. Any money made will be ploughed back into the academy.

Bike trials is a relatively small sport in the UK and we are aiming to do our bit to keep it growing. Bike trials will provide a strong base for all cycling development. Encourage fitness, balance, coordination, motor skills, concentration. These skills can be transferred to all other sports. Bike trials will also provide the confidence and skills needed to handle a bike on the road. http://www.biketrialacademy.uk/