Biketrial Federation UK Ltd (BTF) is recognised by British Cycling as the UK’s governing body for the sport of Cycle Trials in the UK catering for both the Trials (UCI) and BikeTrial (BikeTrial International Union) versions of the sport and as such it organisers the National Cup series each year at which points are awarded for each round culminating in producing National Cup Champion and runners up in the nine classes that are currently available.
The Bike Trial Federation is affiliated to the AMCA (Amateur Motor Cycle Association) and runs its events through their insurers and uses their guidelines. The competition rules follow those of the BikeTrial International Union for the white, green and blue classes and those of the UCI for the red and yellow classes full details of which are in the BTF rules.
The BTF also has close links to the ACU, (Auto Cycle Union) the main governing body for Motorcycle Trials in the UK to which our sport has close links and shares many riders past and present.
BTF is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee comprising affiliated bike trial clubs operating in the UK.
BTF is run by a committee of volunteers with a desire to do their very best for the cycle trials scene in Britain. The committee is drawn from the affiliated clubs and work is under way to supplement this with representation for a wider range of individuals to allow us to draw on their experience of developing other sporting disciplines.

Chairman: David Johnstone: chairman@biketrialfederation.uk
Administrators: Robin Morewood, Gill Morewood and Kellie Rolls admin@biketrialdeferation.uk
Treasurer: David Johnstone: accounts@biketrialdeferation.uk
BC/UCI Delegate: Barry Gawthorpe: uci@biketrialdeferation.uk
BIU Delegate: Robin Morewood: biu@biketrialdeferation.uk

The above are currently supported by an increasing body of directors. Further appointments in respect of responsibility for designated areas of BTF work will be announced as the task of segregating functions progresses.

A word about our sponsors:

We appreciate all the help and support that our sponsors give to us to enable us to promote our National Championship and help the BTF to grow. Thank you.


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